Whitney Eagle Tee

Whitney Eagle Tee
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Whitney Eagle Tee
Adapted from an original design by Karl Free

While employed as Assistant Curator (1930-1934) at the Whitney Museum, Free designed the a large bas-relief eagle above the front entrance facade of the museum on West 8th Street. He adapted this design to create the stenciled eagle design that was adapted as the museum’s insignia from 1931 until 1950s. This insignia was used on the museum’s stationery, Library book plates and on all exhibition catalogues and books. Free went on to become the Curator of Graphic Arts from 1935-1938. The Whitney Museum has 11 works in our permanent collection by this artist. The iconic eagle logo that graced the original Whitney Museum of American Art building facade is the focus of this striking new t-shirt design.

Cotton blend. Unisex.

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